10 September 2009


Well, I decided to begin on the light side, yet not fluffy light.  Are you are like me?  Music is a big part of my life.  Particularly, I look to music to help me worship The Lord, individually and with the church at large.  I also rely on music to give expression to where I am, what I am feeling in relation to the Lord right now. At times I feel in awe of God, so I'll sing Hymns like "How Great Thou Art".  Often I feel especially grateful at what HE suffered to redeem me. At such a time "When I Survey the Wonderous Cross" may be the song of the day.
Hymns are a Christian Church universal language.  But do we KNOW where the writers were from?
They seem to rhyme words of free grace without works. Augustus Toplady wrote in "Rock of  Ages
Not the labors of my hands
can fulfill thy laws demands.
Could my zeal no respite know,
could my tears forever flow,
All for sin could not atone,
Thou must save
and Thou alone.
Augustus Toplady was probably reformed (read 5 point Calvinist).  Does that make this song anathema?
I also listen to, (worship with) "Christian Rock"(gasp!).  If a song proclaims "I love you so much Lord, I'll never fail you"  I get nauseous and turn off the radio.  If The song is by "Phillips, Craig and Dean" and I know it, I change the station or turn it off: they are "oneness" they deny the Trinity.
I love Third Day: their songs about Peter's denial, and the Thief on the cross really touch me.
They have a compelling rock anthem called "Believe".  the chorus:
Always Looking for a sign
miracles won't change your mind
tell me how much evidence you need.
Turning truth into a lie
hardened heart and blinded eyes
all you need to do is just believe.

Casting Crowns has a song I recently discovered called "who am I?". I surveyed the song because those three words say it all. Who says that believing in JESUS is a work and if salvific would be works righteousness? I say who am I that the Creator-Redeemer should even glance my way, knowing who I am.  Casting Crowns puts it this way:  "Not because of who I am, but because of what You've done.  Not because of what I've done, but because of who you are...."
So if Casting Crowns is not Free Grace as expressed in my Blog front, does that make their music anathema?  I sure hope not. 
What do you do for worship music and that the Holy Spirit may minister to your soul?

Peace and Love In Jesus Christ,



  1. Hi Duane,

    What a wonderful blog you've started. I'm so glad I discovered it..... thanks to your comment on my blog. I'm going to pass it on to my three adult daughters and probably others, too.
    I'll be back often to read what you have to say.
    I can tell that God is pleased with this blog because it's all about HIM, and it's biblical~!!!

    All because of His wonderful grace,

  2. Wow! Thanks Diane!
    I have spent most of my computer time on other people's blogs and have not been here apparently for over a week. So I apologize for not thanking you sooner. I would like to dress the place up a bit. That's one reason I have not been more public about having a blog. I made a wall paper from one of my rose photos, but the html code thing looks daunting. I'm taking notes on other subjects I'd like to open discussion on, I started to write one, but between bouncing back and forth between KC's, Sanc's, yours, Antonio's etc. I'm pretty busy. Not to mention,Sunday School prep, which is at a lull for three more weeks. My computer chair feels like the old stadium bleecher.
    I wish Antonio would show his mug over at his Blog so that we can be relieved that he is not in some papists trunk somewhere; or in a monastery being "de-programmed" ;o).
    Anyway, Thank you so much for being the Ice-breaker here.

    God's Peace
    in Jesus


  3. Hi Duane,

    You enjoy the same blogs I do. Yes, I miss Antonio so much. I've learned tons from him. He has a tender heart, and I pray for him that all is well. Hopefully he'll be back.

    I'll check back here to see what you might come up with for discussion on your blog. The music discussion was great.

    Rejoicing in Jesus today,

    Diane :-)

  4. Hi Duane,

    Nice to read this post. I don't know much about music in the church. But music is important to me too!

    Your sis Michele

  5. Hey Sis!
    Yeah, music is like imagination for us (speaking of my family). My little grandaughters are often humming a little ditty, just whatever pops up. For me, it can be good or bad. That's why I try to feed myself good message music, so that what's swimming in my unconscious is nontoxic.
    To me the musical style is not an issue, as long at it is pleasing to my ear.

    I think it'd be cool to have an "everybody's the d.j." party some time: everybody just bring links.
    like we did at Rose's.
    Thanks for stopping by Michele!

    Your Brother


  6. Hi everyone!

    I wanted to give a couple of samples of my taste in music. Copy each link, as it comes up reading this, paste to your browser and listen, if you have the time and inclination.
    This first one was chosen out of my beloved John Rutter, a gifted composer of Choral and orchestral arrangements, many suitable for church worship. The particular video I chose, because I like the idea of hearing The Lord being worshipped in Hong Kong:


    I would continue the worship with a confession as the group "CASTING CROWNS" presents of How imminently worthy HE is, and how insignificant, even sinful I am, except that He has claimed me as His own:


    This next song "This Fragile Breath" by Todd Agnew is similar to the message of the last, but it is: what have I to offer you?

    Imagine being a composer-song writer, but your coming up blank..."I search the world for a poem I could read, to bring praises to my King....but
    You speak with lightning and thunder your voice shakes the mountains, the foundations of the earth."
    A portion of The POWER of GOD is in this song. It does have a heavy beat and loud guitars, so it might not fit in Sunday morning worship, but it overwhelms me with The LORD:


    OK the service needs a sermon. We expect some visitors this Lord's day, so for a sermon in a song, lets give them something to take home with them, even if they don't really know what church is about. We'll have to fill in some info on what Jesus' love means But here's a start. This is the group "3RD DAY":


    What's left of the service?
    The offering: I love this song by Ray Boltz. His invitation words are confusing "I asked Jesus in my heart", but his rewards language is unmistakeable:


    What's left? It's not communion Sunday, but I have many that would fit. Time permitting, we could fit one in as a credo.
    I will end with a benediction as we started with John Rutter:


    The Lord Bless You and keep you. The Lord cause His face to shine upon you, and grant you His favor and give you Peace